Environmentaland — Nobody Rides for Free

Forget the Hershey and Disney parks of yesteryear. For today’s youth, the summer destination is Environmentaland, an interactive environmental theme park located outside of Los Angeles, that offers an Energy Playground, a Mini-Bin Exhibit and Designing Station, a Planetarium, Desert Mini Golf Course, Recycled Paper Plane Takeoff station, and Alternative Energy Golf Carts.

The theme park was created by the nonprofit Global Inheritance Foundation as a way to communicate and push for progressive social change.  Formed in 2002, GIF works “to empower individuals worldwide to think and act creatively in solving global imbalances.”  And they try to do it as creatively as possible.

They’ve pioneered dozens of interesting and unique initiatives including TRASHed, a store where people bring in recylcables in exchange for merchandise, and they held a recycled paper plane contest at the popular music festival Coachella.  Global Inheritance initiatives are aimed at young people and hopes that through technology, the arts and interactivity, a new generation will be able to make a difference in their communities and beyond.

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Global Inheritance Foundation

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