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Around the Web Wednesdays: It’s making us hungry!

[Above: Joachim de Posada on marshmallows. Can you wait until the end of the post to learn more?]

We’ve been following the school food movement and mobilization to increase the federal contribution to school lunches on EdBeat for awhile now. School nutrition got some front-burner coverage today, with the Washington Post’s inside look at a KIPP school budgeting for healthier food and the NY Timesprofile of an inventive school chef armed with garam masala, cooking food that “makes [students] feel comforted and cared for” in a less than ideal Brooklyn school kitchen.

For a glimpse at some other ambitious professionals, NPR looks at career changers and alternative certification for teachers and also asks what exactly should go into a teaching degree. Online we’re following an interesting (if snarky) discussion about home-schooling (which does not require a teaching degree, for the record) and its effect on socialization. [Salon, Jezebel]

Speaking of social skills, in the School Issue of the NY Times Magazine last weekend, Paul Tough wrote a great article on ‘Tools of the Mind,’ a program that aims to teach pre-schoolers about self-control through make-believe, which got us thinking about Joachim de Posada’s short and sweet TED talk (video above!) about delayed gratification–in this case the gratification that comes from eating a marshmallow–a skill that can be a surprisingly good predictor of the future success of students. [TED, 5/09]

Mmmmm… marshmallows…

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What We’re Following this Wednesday

New York State’s  Senate is still paralysed, and mayoral control of schools in NYC continues to be debated [Gotham Schools, Daily News]

States aren’t using stimulus funds as intended; and it’s hurting schools [USA Today, LMTV]

Kids online time increases dramatically [CNET news]

Duncan continues to stress merit pay for teachers [ABC]

All eyes are on HBO’s new series ,’Hung,’ about an American schoolteacher [The New Yorker]

President Obama declares tomorrow, July 9, National Summer Learning Day [us.gov]

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